Proactive Budgets

by AccessIG, Inc.

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Budget/Forecast for Departments/Teams when the complexity of spreadsheets is unmanageable

Team Empowering Proactive Budgets™ (a SharePoint Add-In):

• Is a SharePoint Add-In that runs on SharePoint in the Cloud or locally behind the Firewall.

• Is a Budget and interactive Forecast/Reforecast Management SharePoint Add-In that is designed for both Financial and Nonfinancial users.

• Is for any Small Business, Department or Team where complexity is making it impossible to effectively use Spreadsheets to create, manage and maintain their Budget and current year Forecast/Reforecast.

• Can be used in conjunction with any existing Financial/Budgeting System since Actuals, Budgets, and G/L Accounts are easily imported.

• Is NOT a replacement for your existing Financial/Budgeting System – it replaces the manual spreadsheets that are used to derive the Budget Numbers, Track, Analyze, and explain Variances, and record required Forecast Adjustments.

• Supports copy/paste from Excel and easy downloads to Excel.

Team Empowering Proactive Budgets™ is composed of five primary functions:

1. Fiscal Budget/Reforecast Years - For establishing Fiscal Years and Fiscal Periods. Fiscal Periods are manually closed as the year progresses.

2. Copy/Paste Budgets/Masters - enables users to easily import G/L Accounts, Cost Centers, Companies, and/or existing Budget Details to get up and running quickly.

3. Copy/Paste G/L Detail Actuals - enables Proactive Budgets™ to report Actual verses Budget comparisons and Reforecasts to help Users develop and manage their Budget/Reforecast Numbers.

4. Budget Entry - designed for ease of use by nonfinancial Budget creators. It enables submission of Budget numbers in a single format for entry or import into the existing Financial/Budgeting System. It helps to eliminate human error and establishes accountability since the Users are doing the entry.

5. Reforecasting - allows Users to enter monthly Reforecast Amounts that more closely reflect the actual Business condition and explain Budget vs Actual variances and. The Users can enter as many Reforecast Notes as necessary to clarify why there are variances from Budget.

Important Notices:

• For more information, please visit our site:

• If you have any questions, email us at:

• Proactive Budgets is provided as a free 30 day trial, limited to four users. At the conclusion of the trial, the add-in may be purchased, in blocks of four users, priced at $199.00 for unlimited use through our website.

• Must use Internet Explorer 11 for all Functions to work properly

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