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Project Guardian

Milestone Project Tools
Guard against risk by analysing and improving individual tasks and project structure

Guard your Microsoft Project schedule against unforeseen issues and uncover potentially hidden problems by doing extensive checks, tests and analyses on your project. Project Guardian searches for issues with the tasks in your project. It also does comparisons against the project baseline if one is provided. Critical path analysis is performed on your project in an effort to assess risk. Finally, critical path extension is simulated to see how your project performs under its worst conditions.

All of these analyses equate to making sure that the issues which are likely to cause problems in the project execution are highlighted early on, where it is most cost effective to solve the problems.

Discovered issues are presented in an intuitive way via this Add-in and recommendations for changes you can make to resolve the issues are presented to you.

The metrics used here are based on the US Defence Contract Management Agency (DCMA) 14-Point schedule assessment, and you can use this Add-in to check compliance against this well accepted standard. Your project is testes in the following 14 areas:

  • Logic
  • Leads
  • Lags
  • Finish-to-start relationships
  • Hard constraints
  • High floats
  • Negative floats
  • High durations
  • Invalid dates
  • Resource and Costing information
  • Missed activities
  • Critical Path Test
  • Critical Path Length Index
  • Baseline Execution Index

Project Guardian was formerly known as the DCMA Project Assessment by MPT

Add-in capabilities
When this add-in is used, it
  • Can read from your document and open its file
  • Can send data over the Internet