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Notes2SharePoint - IBM Notes apps in SharePoint

EdgeGuide AB

Bring your custom built IBM Notes applications to SharePoint Online

Taking the step to move to the cloud can be challenging: a lot of business-critical applications have grown over the years and become so complex that straight up rebuilding them can cost a fortune. With Notes2SharePoint - IBM Notes apps in SharePoint, we offer you the alternative to let your most critical and complex applications stay where they are, but still work with them together with your new cloud environment in a fresh, modern interface.

The add-in is part of a cloud based service which aims to make your custom built IBM Notes applications available in SharePoint as well as other platforms. The add-in will prompt you for your Notes web user credentials as well as a company id which is linked to your domino server. You can retrieve a company id by signing up att and link your account to your IBM Domino server. After this is done, your users can log in and use their IBM Notes applications using the company id together with their standard company credentials. All user handling and management is done on your IBM Domino server, so there is no need to migrate your user database to Notes2Sharepoint.

  • Access all of your Notes applications from the same app
  • Consume your Notes data
  • Create new Notes documents
  • Edit data and run agents
  • Read attachments in our in-app reader
  • Save attachments for offline reading
  • Upload new attachments to your Notes documents

This add-in does not support Internet Explorer 10, Internet Explorer 9 or lower.

To use this add-in your company must have an IBM Domino server deployed of version 8.5.3 or higher.

The service requires Domino Access Services to be enabled on your Domino server.