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Pickit | Create company presentations in minutes


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Make stunning slide decks by accessing unlimited images and your company’s assets in PowerPoint.

Whether your goal is to inspire, inform or persuade, Pickit is the easiest way to create spectacular presentations that make an impact. The all-in-one image service puts all the pictures you need in one place; including your company’s visuals as well as handpicked photos, icons and clipart from the Pickit image library.

All images are 100% Legally Cleared™ and compliant, making Pickit the safe and worry-free choice for businesses and people at work. The award-winning add-in works seamlessly with PowerPoint Design Ideas, so it’s easy to create stunning slides in seconds using suggested layouts.

Core Benefits

  • Compliance – Puts Legally Cleared™ content at your fingertips
  • Brand Control – Gives employees easy access to approved assets
  • Productivity – Makes creating slide decks up to 5 times faster

Key Features

  • Store and share your company’s assets inside PowerPoint
  • Access unlimited images from the Pickit library
  • Source new visuals using Editor’s Choice collections
  • Get presentation tips, slide designs, and layout suggestions
  • Order custom photos using the image request tool
  • Choose from different image sizes and insert with a click

To access your visuals in the add-in your company needs to have a registered Pickit Business subscription or trial. Find out more at

Tech Specs

  • Works best with Office 365
  • Runs on Azure
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Single Sign-On

Saving the world from boring presentations.

Add-in capabilities
When this add-in is used, it
  • Can read and make changes to your document
  • Can send data over the Internet