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Risk Register Plus

i2eConsulting LLC

2.6 (5)

Identify, assess and manage project risks. Create action plan to view risk path on a heat map.

An ideal tool to minimize, monitor and control the probability and impact of unprecedented events or to maximize unforeseen opportunities through an intuitive graphical interface.

Features :-

• Ability to add a New Risk with details such as Impact, Probability, Risk Profile type, Consequences, Likelihood and so on.

• A central repository to view risks with ability to Export in MS Excel and PDF.

• A Risk Summary Report that renders all crucial data relevant to it such as its Impact, Probability, Risk profile type, Consequences and Likelihood.

• A Dynamic Risk score is automatically calculated on the fly based on your risk’s probability and impact.

• A consolidated dashboard with an easy-to-understand Risk Quadrant that highlights two important points:

1. A Risk Matrix that calculates a risk’s impact and probability to represent it on a heat map for active risks calculation.

2. A Risk Path that showcases the trail of an active risk from start to finish in a quadrant based on its impact and probability figures.

• All the values such as Risk Status, Organizational Level, Category, Risk Response and Risk Strategy are easy to configure through an Admin functionality.

Minimum Requirements:-

Required - Internet Explorer version 11 and above OR the latest versions of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

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