Chartnado Dashboards

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Build performance dashboards in Excel and present them in PowerPoint

Are you looking for a way to add interactive dashboards to your PowerPoint presentations?

Chartnado is a dashboard builder that brings Excel and PowerPoint together. You can design an interactive dashboard using the familiar environment of Excel, and then publish your dashboard to a variety of formats including PowerPoint, web and mobile devices.

When you embed your dashboard in a PowerPoint presentation, you can interact with live data, drill down for further analysis and create a more engaging experience for your audience. Create beautiful reports using compelling visuals such as:

  • Charts
  • Maps
  • Tree Maps
  • Pivot Grids
  • Gauges
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

The key differentiator for Chartnado is that you can build your dashboard in Excel. Most dashboard builders require you to migrate your data into a database, learn a new formula language for calculations. That’s a lot of work just to put an interactive chart into PowerPoint. With Chartnado, you can take full advantage of the Excel features you already know and love, including familiar formulas, Power Query, VBA and more.

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