Office 365 Timesheet

by Ignatiuz Software

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A user-friendly internal business tool for employee time-tracking, manager approval and reporting.

Office 365 Timesheet by Ignatiuz is an easy-to-use add-in which works with SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint Online (Office 365). It is a productive way of tracking hours spent by your employees on all tasks under different projects within your SharePoint environment.

Employees can track their daily work hours on tasks and projects created by the admin whereas the assigned manager can review and approve the timesheets submitted by the employees every week. Easy reporting allows managers and administrators to generate and export reports for easier invoicing.

With tons of exciting features in the free version, you may also upgrade to Office 365 Timesheet Pro by clicking here or from within the add-in.

Major features:

• Create unlimited projects and tasks.

• Ability for employees to create tasks under existing projects.

• Employees can record daily work hours on tasks and submit timesheets weekly.

• Ability to modify timesheets before submission.

• Managerial approval of timesheets.

• Detailed reporting for managers and administrator with billable and non-billable filtering.

• Project and task specific reporting.

• Email notifications following each transaction.

• Modification and re-submission of rejected timesheets.

• Email notification on submission and approval/rejection of timesheets.

• Previously rejected timesheets can be corrected by employee and resubmitted quickly.

• Compatible with Internet Explorer, Edge and Chrome browsers.

• Advanced features and dedicated support with Office 365 Timesheet Pro.

• Mobile device app for both Android and iOS.

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