Event Planner and Scheduling

by SintraConsulting s.r.l.

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This Add-in helps you to schedule the best date to plan an event

Event Planner and Scheduling solves problems related to event scheduling. How many time did you have to look for the best date to meet with multiple people, based on their availability? This Add-in solve this problem! With its easy to use interface, you can select a list of dates to organize an event and invite by email all user inside your organization. Users can express their preference and you will be able to follow their choices by counting how many participants prefer each specific date.

Picking the right date for an event will be easy.

Things you can do with this application:

  • Create an event,

  • Provide some date options,
  • Select people that should attend

  • Every attendee receives an email with the request to fill in their options.
  • When everyone has provided their preferences, you will be able to pick the best options.
  • After that the date is fixed, involved people will be notified.

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