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Forms for Office365 - China


Visualize the SharePoint Online List Form Designer

Forms for Office365 can help you to modify the default SharePoint Online list form to a compact and stylish custom form with many adjustment options. The intuitive interface allows end users to create a rich and impressive SharePoint list form without having to write any coding techniques in minutes.

With Forms for Office365, users can configure highly customizable complex SharePoint forms for reports, invoices, product details postings, request processing, contact information collection, and any other business process requirements.

Forms for Office365 main features:

- Use the drag and drop feature to create custom SharePoint Online list forms using other sections and blocks.

- Forms support images, attachments, links, and various other field types.

- If required, the expression text field can bind the basic information of the currently logged in user, such as name, department, job, etc.

- You can apply the same view for list item creation, editing, and display.

- Form for Office365 provide a variety of theme style, without any front-end code can be free to switch the form style.

- The form preview mode provides WEB view and phone view.

Product Online Help Documentation: