Kanban Board by Sysdoc


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Manage your tasks via a new easy to use drag drop Kanban board.

The Sysdoc Kanban task board makes it easy to manage your tasks and their life-cycle. With new additions such as toggle theme, the latest Sysdoc Kanban Board makes prioritising and managing tasks within your team simple.

Fully integrated with SharePoint and utilising the slick drag drop interface you can;

  • drag and drop tasks between states,
  • set priority of tasks,
  • search and filter by people, priority, and tasks,
  • assign and reassign tasks,
  • create and switch between multiple boards,
  • indicate task progress,
  • understand and visualise your team's workload,
  • and filter by search terms, people or teams,
  • toggle between light/dark themes
  • assign tasks to groups as well as individual people

Clicking a task gives you the ability to manage the properties of a task and update it in real-time. You can also get a high-level overview of which individuals you have in your task pool and how many tasks they have been assigned.

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