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RDA Corporation

Visual site usage and trend management with a simple expandable and configurable set of rules.

The Governator is a rules execution engine that evaluates your site compliance based on best practices and company policies. Historical tracking provides insights to trends and early warning for necessary changes to implementation and structure.

Updated based on feedback provided in previous review.

Customization is a snap! Rules are implemented as a series of javascript evaluations. By editing or adding rules you can make the Governator your tool in just a few minutes.

Visualize site metrics to see trends or easily stop trouble areas. There is no special technical knowledge needed to interpret the results. Site owners and managers have a clear picture of what needs adjusted with their site without needed access to restricted site settings.

This version of the Governator is free for you to use but must be installed on each site where you want to gather metrics. Contact RDA for a version with Azure based central management and enhanced reporting capabilities.