Send fax with WiseFax!

by Vanaia LLC

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Send fax directly from Microsoft Word with WiseFax quickly and easily! Perfect efax solution!

Send fax with WiseFax! For this efax service you only need internet connection on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Send fax in four simple steps from Microsoft Word installed on your computer or Word Online. Just add WiseFax add-in from Office Store to Microsoft Word. With click on WiseFax add-in icon you will integrate WiseFax into Microsoft Word and enable direct fax sending with WiseFax service. Pay as you go, with no monthly or yearly subscription and send fax anywhere in the world.

WiseFax supports numerous document and file formats such as PDF documents, Microsoft Office, OpenOffice and LibreOffice documents and spreadsheets, Hancom Hangul documents, ScanWritr documents, and JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP images. New ones are pending to be released. On your tablet or smartphone you can always take a picture and send it directly to fax. When doing so WiseFax efficiently detects edges of your document or picture (edge detection) and makes picture clearer (picture enhancement) in order to make scanning easier and fax more readable. WiseFax add-in for Word lets you directly send to fax your opened Microsoft Word document and choose or add any of mentioned supported file or image formats. In order to do so simply click on WiseFax add-in icon and start send fax wizard which will firstly list all pages of your current Word document. You can just by clicking easily select which pages you want to fax (if not all) or add a new document or picture. On your screen pages looks the same as they will come out on fax at recipient side. Type fax number and wait for response. If it was successful or no you will get email notification.

Send fax with WiseFax as simple as that. Try it, you’ll like it.

Four easy steps of how to send fax with WiseFax are:

1. Open Word document and start WiseFax add-in wizard and select additional documents and images if needed.

2. Click and select / deselect pages you want to send to fax (if not all) and check them on screen as you already see them as they will come out on fax.

3. Select among 240 countries where you want to send your fax and type fax number.

4. Authenticate with your existing account on Facebook, Google, Windows Live and Vanaia or create a new one. Buy fax token (if you already didn’t do so) and send fax. Wait for fax sent status and in many countries legally valid confirmation which you will receive to your mail.

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