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Intelligent workplace assistant bot that helps you automate work from Microsoft Teams

YellowAnt is an intelligent assistant bot that lets you create powerful event or command triggered automations and manage your work apps from inside Microsoft Teams.

YellowAnt integrates with your favorite apps - Github, Gmail, Google Calendar, Drive, Contacts, Trello, Jenkins, Bitbucket, Evernote, Zendesk, Twitter, Salesforce, Marketo, Cloudwatch, Freshdesk, Analytics, Sentry, New Relic, CircleCI, Airbrake, TravisCI, YouTube, Wikipedia, StackOverflow and event your own internal applications. YellowAnt is the ultimate ChatOps tool!

If you have any questions, please join the YellowAnt community:

How to use YellowAnt with Microsoft Teams:

1. In your Teams, click on your Channel settings, and then click on "Add a bot"

2. Click on 'Sign up with Teams'. Your new YellowAnt account is created and @yellowant bot is added to your team Teams. If you are the first user from your Teams to create a YellowAnt account, YellowAnt will also create a YellowAnt team account, and add you and your Teams team owner to the newly created YellowAnt team account. Your Teams team owner will be made the administrator of the YellowAnt team account. Every other team member that creates a YellowAnt account after you with their Teams Login will be added to the team. By default, teams are in the Free Plan.

3. In the YellowAnt console, click on "Marketplace". Select any app you want to use with YellowAnt and click on "Integrate"

4. Go to the integrate page, and integrate your application

5. Come back to Teams and click on @YellowAnt DM, and start commanding your application through @yellowant. For example, if you integrated GMail, you can command - @YellowAnt: gmail. YellowAnt will guide you on every application you integrate.

6. You can also use @yellowant within Teams channels and Groups. If multiple team members have YellowAnt accounts(created with Teams login), the @yellowant bot will execute the command on behalf of the user that commands the bot inside the channel. For instance, if John has a YellowAnt account and commands - @YellowAnt github listissues - @YellowAnt will fetch the Github issues from John's Github account. Similarly, within the same channel, if Jane commands - @YellowAnt github listissues - @YellowAnt will fetch the Github issues from Jane's Github application.

IMPORTANT: You can only command your personal applications through the @YellowAnt bot. If another team member creates a YellowAnt account with Teams, they can only command their own applications through the @yellowant bot.

Understanding YellowAnt Marketplace, Commands and API:

YellowAnt has an ever-growing marketplace of applications. Each application has Commands(Actions) and Webhooks(Triggers).

Running Workflows from Teams:

Workflows are a sequence of actions across multiple applications that you can configure YellowAnt to take when an event occurs in an application or from a Teams command.

Common tasks that YellowAnt can perform from Teams: send emails, Trigger Jenkins jobs, create and comment on Github and Bitbucket issues, search for Salesforce, Shopify or Marketo customer details, get notified from Sentry, Jenkins, Airbrake, TravisCI, CircleCI, Airbrake, PagerDuty, AWS Cloudwatch, and NewRelic on DevOps updates, create and resolve tickets on Zendesk/Freshdesk, fetch Asana tasks, add notes to Evernote, create Calendar events, search Google Drive, Search your contact list, monitor Github/Zendesk/Bitbucket/Trello, reply to Intercom messages, and even tweet!

Check out our documentation and YellowAnt commands here -

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