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A simple and smart way to create and upload re-usable Office content directly in Microsoft Office.

This Microsoft 365 Add-In for Word offers users an ingeniously simple and smart way to create, upload and update re-usable Office content to SharePoint Online, Teams or OneDrive. Creating new content is as easy as making a selection within a document and then pressing the 'Upload' button. Keeping your content up-to-date and relevant is also a breeze.

The Uploader for Office Add-In is designed to work seamlessly with the Microsoft 365 Content Chooser [], allowing you and your co-workers a simple and intuitive way to consume the content you uploaded across Microsoft 365 Apps and platforms.

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The Uploader for Office Add-In requires you to have a Microsoft 365 Work or School account. This Add-In can also be used with a Personal Microsoft account for free.

|> Key Benefits

  • PRODUCTIVITY INCREASES: This add-in will allow you to build content libraries in no-time. Additionally, users will be super-efficient in updating existing content. This will ensure content libraries are always up to date therefore increasing productivity across all users consuming the shared content. The content created can be shared across Office applications offering additional productivity gains.
  • QUALITY IMPROVEMENTS: Documents will be increasingly featuring the latest up-to-date Office contents, leading to improved quality and consistency across all your Office documents. You will achieve a single source of truth for your Office contents leading to a far higher overall quality in your Office output.
  • JOB SATISFACTION IMPROVEMENTS: Users will spend less time fixing documents as they feature the latest up-to-date content. Users will feel more confident in creating new contents as the process is tightly guided and super simple. Users will have less restrictions where to work as contents can be created across devices and locations. BYOD scenarios are also supported.
  • BRAND VALUE: Consistent and on brand communication will help increase your brand value. Customers and partners will be more likely to trust your organization if you deliver consistent high quality and well-structured documents with consistent recognizable branding.
  • SECURITY IMPROVEMENTS: Contents are governed by the same security standards you apply to any intellectual property in your organization. Access to contents can additionally be tightened using Multi-Factor-Authentication. Your IT can use their existing Microsoft 365 expertise to secure your contents.
  • IT SIMPLIFICATION: Responsibility for contents can be handed back to the individual business users with the appropriate domain knowledge. Updates do not need any IT attention or packaging – on the contrary, content owners can make updates to contents without any help of IT and make them available to all users instantaneously.

|> Licensing options

  • Free evaluation license included (for evaluation purpose only)
  • Purchase required for production use with Microsoft 365 Work or School accounts
  • Free when using with Personal Microsoft Account

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Add-in capabilities

When this add-in is used, it
  • Can read and make changes to your document
  • Can send data over the Internet

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