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Kloudio enables anyone to connect to Mysql, Postgres, MS SQL, Redshift, Oracle from Office 365.

Access and update business data directly in Office 365/Excel.

Kloudio gives users the superpower to access and update any database within Office 365/Excel - without any IT involvement or query language necessary.

Our users range from large enterprise clients like Netflix to small business owners. Some of our users are completely non-technical while others are SQL wizards.

With Kloudio you can:

  • Get data from multiple data sources into Office 365. We provide integration for MySql, PostGreSql, Oracle, MS SQL, and Amazon Redshift. We are adding new data sources every month.

  • Refresh reports in Office 365 with a single click.

  • Share reports with your colleagues. Reports can be shared in read-only / Edit mode.

  • Kloudio preserves user formatting, user columns in reports, so users don't have to redo formatting when refreshing a report in MS Office.

Please note you will need to create an account in Kloudio before you can use this addin. Please visit to create your Kloudio account.

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  • Can read and make changes to your document
  • Can send data over the Internet

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