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SiteSprout Employee Profiles


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Create and manage your corporate employee directory with this powerful and easy-to-use add-in!

SiteSprout Employee Profiles is a customizable profile add-in for SharePoint 2016, SharePoint 2013, and SharePoint Online. Add a web part showing employees with access to each of your organization’s sites, configure the interface’s styling and visible information, view a full-screen Display Profile page with organization chart for all employees, and submit profile information directly to the SharePoint User Profile service using the add-in’s streamlined and optimized interface.

For in-depth instruction on add-in usage, refer to the documentation provided by i-Squared, Inc.

SiteSprout Employee Profiles displays users’ profile properties no matter if managed with Cloud Identity, Active Directory Sync, or Federated Identity. However, only organizations using the Cloud identity model will be able to update their profiles using the add-in.

Required profile changes for organizations using AD need to be made by the AD Administrator. Contact your corporate IT department for assistance.

SharePoint web part features

  • Add a web part to any SharePoint page
  • Show all employee profiles with access to current site, or entire site collection along with his or her profile picture
  • Customize visible fields including phone number, job title, and department
  • View a robust Display Profile page for each employee (see Profile display features section)
  • Search all Employee Profiles metadata, sort by first name, last name or department, and configure default sort option
  • Configure number of employee profiles displayed in the web part
  • Synchronize employees’ birthdays to a SharePoint Calendar on your SharePoint site. Never forget a birthday again!
  • View Skype presence of your employees (requires Internet Explorer 11 and Skype for Business)

Profile display features

  • View a full-screen profile page with a cover photo for each SiteSprout Employee Profiles employee, including an organization chart
  • View metadata for a wide variety of fields, including Basic Information, Professional Information, and Personal Information (see screenshots for full details)

Employee Directory features

  • View an employee directory displaying the SiteSprout Employee Profiles web part information in a full-screen, filterable interface
  • Alphabetically filter based on employees’ last names or first names
  • Search employee profile metadata and display directly in Employee Directory interface
  • Customize the theming of the interface

Profile management features

  • Every user can edit his or own profile metadata using the streamlined, advanced Edit Profile interface
  • Customize profile picture and cover photo
  • Submit profile information directly to the SharePoint User Profile service
  • Utilize SharePoint Managed Metadata service for Department and Job Title fields with a drop-down menu allowing organizations precise control over which values are submitted


Compatible with Internet Explorer 10 or later, and current versions of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Microsoft Edge. Runs in SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016, and all iterations of SharePoint Online.


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Supported Languages

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