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Sintel Forms


Simply the easiest and cheapest solution to replace your InfoPath, legacy and Paper based forms.

Turn SharePoint into THE TOOL for business process automation.

New features released every month!

  • Last release December 5th 2018
  • 4 new features added

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Sintel Forms can be used to build user friendly forms for gathering data and storing it in SharePoint lists. It extends the out-of-the-box functionality of SharePoint lists making it easy for you to configure forms that contain rich formatting and functionality. It contains a powerful but easy to use browser based forms designer providing a WYSIWYG interface that permits you to configure customised form layouts. The Forms Designer also provides a workflow and rules engine giving you the ability to configure complex workflow or logic in a matter of minutes without the need for SharePoint Designer or Visual Studio.

You can:

  • Configure any layout that you can think of
  • Apply rich formatting including colours, fonts and images
  • Add custom actions and assign them to users or groups
  • Implement your business logic including hiding, showing or setting fields
  • Apply validation rules and set fields dynamically depending on what a user enters
  • Enable conversations within forms using @mentions (including email notifications)
  • Preview attachments such as images
  • Add/Edit and remove items in related lists

All of this is achieved using the Forms Designer right in your browser and without any programming!


  • Extends Standard SharePoint Functionality
  • No coding skills required
  • Use with new or existing SharePoint lists
  • Fully documented online help with articles and training videos
  • Download pre-configured sample forms

Sintel Forms is totally free for up to 2 forms, for more details please visit the product's webpage: