HarePoint Workflow Designer

by MAPILab Ltd

Create SharePoint workflows using free, smart visual designer solution!

Create SharePoint workflows using a free, advanced alternative to SharePoint Designer!

HarePoint Workflow Designer is a free-of-charge workflow designer tool with a handy visual editor for SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2016 / 2013 in hybrid configurations. It provides you vast capabilities to develop, edit and manage your workflows right in your browser. You will no longer need to install SharePoint Designer locally to create or adjust your SharePoint workflows, but if that does become necessary, all workflows created with HarePoint Workflow Designer will open easily for editing in SharePoint Designer and vise-versa. We provide complete, two-way compatibility with SharePoint Designer!

HarePoint Workflow Designer features:

  • Work in a graphic interface, not in a text editor! Workflows are represented step-by-step in a flow chart view, allowing you to picture the structure and logic that is executed – this significantly reduces the time needed to develop and fine tune your workflows. HarePoint Workflow Designer makes building workflows simple and comfortable, even for non-developers.
  • Develop right in browser when you need and where you need! With HarePoint Workflow Designer, you do not need any additional development software on your computer, you can create and edit your workflows inside a browser. This feature also ensures platform independence, meaning that you will not need to account for any effects of your operating system when developing workflows.
  • All standard SharePoint workflow activities and even more! HarePoint Workflow Designer supports all standard actions in SharePoint and can easily be expanded using the stunningly large set of additional activities available from HarePoint. These extensions let you create workflows of any level of complexity to address any business task without losing time developing activities on your own or on future support of them.
  • Total freeware! Possibly the most important thing about HarePoint Workflow Designer is that the product is absolutely free for both commercial and non-commercial use. Simply download and install HarePoint Workflow Designer and you will be creating workflows using this friendly and convenient tool without any charge whatsoever, now or ever.

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