JungleDocs - Document Automation for Office 365

by EnovaPoint

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Generate & merge documents. Export SharePoint list items to Word/Excel. Automate document naming.

JungleDocs for Office 365 is the document generation & automation app. Powerful engine enables Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents population with data from SharePoint Online.

Contracts, proposals, reports, presentations or any other Office documents types are now just few clicks away. Export of SharePoint items for printing in desirable format never was so simple.

JungleDocs for Office 365 will allow you to:

-Merge multiple Word or PowerPoint documents into one

-Export SharePoint list items into Word or Excel

-Generate nice looking Word Reports, including charts from your selected items or list

-Automate your document naming according to your organization naming convention

-Copy only specific columns or content to newly created documents or items with Smart Copy

-Batch generation to create a document for every selected item

-Enhance your document management in Office 365

-Distribute content to smaller peaces for better management and faster creation

Simply create a JungleDocs rule, configure a template, select items you want to use for a new document or simply execute JungleDocs document creation rule.

Start Today. Create better documents faster.

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