Feedbacker Lite


Create feedback forms and collect your colleagues' opinion on subjects that matter

Feedbacker Lite is a free tool that allows you to create campaigns, collect user feedback and analyze received results.

Build with the latest web technologies, Feedbacker Lite provides modern web experience to the users so they can easily react to the questions.

The add-in stores all its data in dedicated SharePoint lists inside the add-in web. This enables power users to analyze the collected data using SharePoint built-in functionalities.

The configuration of the Feedback list provides specific security. By default, regular users see only their own feedback while the more privileges users can access the whole feedback data.

The anonymous feedback is only visible to the power users.

Key features:

  • Anonymous Feedback
  • Different form types: "Rating and comment", "Comment only"
  • Customizable visualization effects
  • Html Builder
  • Compatible with Classic experience pages
  • Compatible with Modern experience pages
  • Total feedback items count per campaign

Feedbacker Lite is a free add-in and always will be.

You can contribute by rating the add-in and providing us your honest feedback at

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Thank you!

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