File Uploader by Virto

by VirtoSoftware

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Bulk Uploader allows users to upload multiple files to a SharePoint library or list items

Please switch to classic store to add the app. You are installing the FREE TRIAL and will not be charged in the process. If you are requested to purchase the app, please contact support via email address in the “Support” tab.

With Virto Bulk Uploader, user can drag-and-drop files from computer in a convenient UI. Set maximum size of a file or bunch of files to upload, enable/disable the ability to overwrite existing files, change uploaded files properties, and define file types allowed to upload.

Explore the Virto’s Bulk Uploader handy features:

  • Upload bulk files to SharePoint document libraries

  • Upload bulk files to SharePoint list items as attachments
  • Enable/disable an ability to overwrite existing files after upload
  • Restrict file types, that users can upload to SharePoint
  • Set a maximum file size to be uploaded
  • Set a maximum size of bulk files to be uploaded
  • Cross browser support (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera)

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Product is subscription based and has 2 licensing options:

1. Per Site Collection - $249/year

2. Per tenant - $999/year


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