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XTractor for Jira (Cloud)

Eric Haas (HDC)

2.3 (3)

Extracts data from your Atlassian's Jira (cloud) project to Microsoft Excel.

XTractor for Jira (Cloud) extracts individually selected data fields from your Jira (Cloud) project and creates not only a worksheet including those fields but also - depending on your selected fields - several charts.

It also ensures a smooth, fast and easy creation of complex reports based on existing Jira (Cloud) issues without the need of detailed knowledge of Jira or JQL.

One of the main aspects is to reduce the amount of workload for getting these reports drastically.

Key features:

  • No switching between browser and Excel (all is done within Microsoft Excel)
  • No knowledge of the Jira platform necessary (perfect for managers)
  • No configuration in Jira necessary (no need to install any plug-ins or add-ins)
  • Runs without any configuration of your Jira administrator (you just need your regular Jira account)
  • Perfect integration into Microsoft Excel (Office 365)
  • Dynamic live data exchange with Atlassian's Jira (Cloud)
  • Integrated automatic creation of several charts (depending on the selected fields)
  • Integrated conditional formatting
  • Saves settings per user for future use (makes it much faster and easier to re-call the same selections again, no registration needed)
  • Multi-language support (currently English & German - additional language-support planned)

Additional information:

To use this add-in you need an Atlassian Account as well as a Jira (Cloud) environment.

If you don't have it, please see our support website on how to create a test account and a trest environment (both currently for free) at Atlassian Jira (Cloud).

We explicitly point out, that the usage of Google accounts as log-in-data are not supported.

Add-in capabilities
When this add-in is used, it
  • Can read and make changes to your document
  • Can send data over the Internet