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Messenger - ChatPoint

Share Vision Technology

5.0 (1)

Chat functionality with interactive design and all modern chat features where users can communicate.

ChatPoint - SharePoint add-in for on premises/Online is available as a free, fully featured 15-day trial (1xSite License with an unlimited number of end users).

ChatPoint is a comprehensive solution designed to help organizations to allow their employees to communicate to each other within organization.

It will keep all your data inside SharePoint and will encrypt all communication messages as well.

There is no separate login required for users as it will automatically take current logged in user by default on the page where it has added as a webpart.

ChatPoint has a one-time payment pricing model, once you purchase you will have free access to all future updates.

Key features:

  • Admin will have option to configure webpart branding as per corporate guidelines.
  • Admin will have option to set maximum allowed file size and allowed file types to share.
  • There is no seperate login required for users to use the functionality.
  • Users can send instant messages to their colleagues and can share useful documents, photos and links as well.
  • Users can set their status and status message which will immediately appear to others.
  • Users can create groups/chat rooms with maximum 10 users.

Important Notices:

  • ChatPoint add-in has responsive design, which you can use to fit it anywhere on your page by specifying webpart's width and height.
  • ChatPoint add-in is supported on IE10+, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Opera.
  • ChatPoint add-in is not supported on IE10 below and safari.

Complete ChatPoint demo for both designs are available here.


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