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Resource Manager by Virto


5.0 (2)

Manage your resources for projects and tasks using Gantt View

Virto Resource Manager is created for an effective SharePoint resource management. This solution allows users to display SharePoint lists data as a table with task stripes oriented along the time axis. Manage your SharePoint project tasks, check the workload of your employees and utilization of material resources in a chart view!

Each chart consists of one or several resources (SharePoint lists). You may color-code different resources and track several projects in one view.

Change timescales, resize and drag & drop tasks to change duration or dates, create and edit task of chart with a few clicks!

Resource Manager allows you to increase a project efficiency with easy SharePoint resource planning tools.

Virto Resource Manager key features:

  • View and manage SharePoint Online resources in a chart view
  • Supports any SharePoint list
  • Supports multiple lists for SharePoint resource scheduling in one view
  • Color-code resources and tasks
  • Resize and drag&drop tasks to change dates and duration
  • Multiple timescales: Hours, Quarter Day, Day, Week, Third of month, Month, Quarter, Half year
  • Different task actions: Create, View, Edit, and Delete tasks
  • Tasks sorting in resource columns
  • User and user groups permissions to edit and read only charts and resources.

You can try Resource Manager free 30 days trial now!

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