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A smart way to do in depth analysis in China listing equities, including main , NEEQ and STAR board

IPREON Excel Add In provides capabilities of:

Data visualization: allows users to choose any combination of quantitative datapoints, and plot into a sophisticated chart, which can be used in your pitchbook or presentation.

Idea generator:

  • Provides investors the easiness of testing investment strategies on top of 600+ financial datapoints with 10+ years historical data;

  • Finds potential buyers or targets for a specific deal;

  • Spots on the potential leads, such as companies who needs capital injection in the near term.

Valuation modeling: covers most of the commonly used valuation methods, by entering company ID and assumptions, users will quickly view a valuation range.

Research findings: shared IPREON’s findings of undervalued or overvalued equities.

IPREON Excel Add In covers all the China listed companies, including main board, NEEQ and STAR board with information of, not limited to:

  • All the trading related data, such as open price, high, low, close price, volume, trading value etc.

  • All the financial statements of annual, semi-annual and quarterly reports.

  • Nearly 300 derived ratios and multiples.

  • Historical managements

  • Historical shareholders’ holding positions

As a first time user of IPREON, you need to register with us, and then use your login information to access IPREON Excel Add On.

After Login IPREON Excel Add On, please click on "Download" button in order to have the full access of our data and tools.

If you are still working on terminals or platforms, please give a try on IPREON Add In. The tool is designed to simplify your workflow, and minimizing your repeating tasks. After successfully login, you will be able to access training videos to demonstrate how to use our tools.

IPREON shares valuation experience through our website www.ipreon.com and feel free talk2us@ipreon.com and let us know what you want to learn, and what functions you prefer to have, we will put resources to address your needs.

Add-in capabilities
When this add-in is used, it
  • Can read and make changes to your document
  • Can send data over the Internet
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