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Advanced Donut Visual


4.0 (4)

Visualize and explore data by categories using advanced drill-down. Fully customizable.

This visual offers in-app purchases.

ZoomCharts Adanced Drill-down Donut chart is designed for exploring multi-level data in depth and across your level of interest. Donut chart ensures intuitive navigation allowing you to interact with the chart on any device - desktop or mobile. Each interaction with the chart is accompanied by a smooth animation, thus, making your report visually appealing and making it stand out.

Save space on your dashboard by adding up-to 9 drill-down levels

Drill-down function is automatically activated if you add more than one category in the Category selector. In total, you can add up-to 9 drill-down levels for an in-depth analysis. This is limited to 2 categories in the free edition. Click or tap the slice of your interest to drill into data. To return to the previous level, click or tap on the middle of the donut.

Create comprehensible reports with the help of automatic “others” grouping

Define the number of main slices you need and the rest will be grouped into “others”. This feature helps you to highlight the most important information, while the rest of the data is conveniently grouped in the “others” slice. You can easily access the information in “others” by clicking or tapping the slice.

Fully customizable

With in-app purchase, you can unlock additional donut-based chart types and you can get access to extensive set of customizations, which includes: donut, legend, detail label, tooltip, fill-settings, category color customizations.

Visit ZoomCharts Advanced Visuals Documentation page for deeper insights:

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Add-in capabilities
When this add-in is used, it
  • Can read and make changes to your document
  • Can send data over the Internet