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Advanced Combo Visual


Create advanced combination visualization using up-to 12 series and 12 drill-down categories.

This visual offers in-app purchases.

ZoomCharts Adanced Combo Visual is designed for in-depth exploration of complex category-based data. Enjoy the intuitive navigation that allows you interact with the chart on any device - desktop or mobile. Smooth animation accompanies each interaction with the chart, which makes your report not only visually pleasing, but also allows it to stand out from the others.

Combine up-to 12 series using lines, areas and columns with up-to 12 categories

You can choose column, line or area chart. Mix them together as you like and customize the appearance for each individual series to suit your needs. Combine up-to 12 series with up-to 12 categories for an in-depth exploration of your data. No need to make multiple charts, since all the information you need is within a single chart. Free version supports up-to two series and categories.

Have full control over stacks and clusters and value axes

On top of the fact that you can adjust the chart type for any of the 12 series, you can also stack and cluster them by setting additional properties. It allows you to create truly unique chart combinations for your reports. You can setup up-to 10 stacks and configure 2 value axes. Free version provides up-to two series.

Navigate your data easily and quickly

Our cutting-edge drill-down function makes navigation so much easier. To drill into your data, simply click or touch the data point of your interest. You are taken to the next category with a smooth animation. To return to the previous level, simply click on the chart and move the pointer up or use pinch on multi-touch enabled devices. You can change the size of the columns by using pinch gesture and scroll the x-axis with natural swipe.

Fully customizable

With in-app purchase, you can unlock additional series and an extensive set of customizations, which includes: legend, data, value axes, x-axes, stacks, toolbar, tooltip, fill settings customizations.

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Add-in capabilities
When this add-in is used, it
  • Can read and make changes to your document
  • Can send data over the Internet