Azure Pipelines for Microsoft Teams

by Microsoft Corporation

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An app to monitor Azure Pipelines from Microsoft Teams channels

Azure Pipelines empowers continuous building, testing, and deployment across various platforms and clouds. Offering native container support, adaptable workflows, and advanced deployment options like approvals and gates, it provides a vast marketplace of extensions for comprehensive support. Cloud-hosted pipelines for Linux, macOS, and Windows offer unlimited minutes and up to 10 parallel jobs for open source projects, seamlessly integrating with GitHub and other Git providers for continuous deployment.

*Business Value:*

The Azure Pipelines app for Microsoft Teams ensures real-time pipeline status updates, streamlining subscription setup and management for events in Teams channels. Receive notifications for all pipeline events or customize by filtering on status and other criteria. Subscribe to checks and approval pending notifications, and directly approve or reject requests within Teams channels, accessible via browser, desktop app, or mobile app. Quickly search and share pipeline status with colleagues, or use URLs to initiate discussions about specific pipelines.

*Key Features:*

- Subscribe to default notifications for pipelines from any project or organization

- Customize notifications and settings directly within Teams

- Approve or reject requests from Teams channels

- Easily search and share pipeline statuses

- Utilize URLs for previews and initiating conversations with colleagues

*Note:* In order to use this app, users must have a working Azure DevOps account. For queries or feedback, refer to the documentation at [Azure DevOps User Guide - Provide Feedback](

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