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Envoy helps you handle everything that comes through your office front door.

Envoy enables a seamless registration process for employees and visitors at thousands of workplaces worldwide by automating invitations, sign-ins, document signing, badge printing, host notifications, and more.

Thousands of global enterprise companies choose and trust Envoy, from private companies like Pixar and Reddit, to public companies such as Yelp, Pandora, Box and Shopify. And customers from highly-regulated industries like LightEdge (data center), Roche (pharmaceutical) and Planet Labs (government) rely on Envoy to uphold compliance standards.

Envoy makes it easy to centrally manage data and permissions for multiple facilities, no matter where you're located. Role-based administration allows customers to provide the right Envoy access to specified team members on global or location-specific levels. And SAML can be utilized to integrate with your single sign-on identity provider to further regulate access.

All employee and visitor information is stored in secure cloud servers and can only be accessed by specified administrators. Robust occupancy logs can be exported with just one click, an especially useful feature for our customers that require compliance with PCI, DSS, ITAR and other frameworks.

Envoy empowers you to provide an exceptional workplace experience for employees and visitors alike.

With the Envoy + Microsoft Teams integration, your team can:

  • Schedule days when to come in onsite
  • Sign in and sign out with Teams commands
  • Invite visitors and send invitations directly from Teams
  • Receive automated notifications from Envoy to inform onsite needs, such as when their visitors arrive

All Envoy Visitors customers on a trial or a paid account can use the Envoy + Teams integration.

This app is for Enterprise customers and is not available for independent users.

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