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Notetonic's AI connects students to the right concepts from our digital library in real-time

With the widespread adoption of laptops and mass transition of educational resources from analog to digital, students at present are often disengaged as they have no note-taking tool that is specifically for student learning - they are actually using word processors that are generic. Educators have no direct evidence of student learning per concept, and current educational technologies for polling engagement are very expensive. Notetonic is an AI-based EdTech Office Add-in with a global vision that solves all three problems in a single Office Add-in at a much better price.

Polleverywhere is integrated with Notetonic and students will sign into Poll Everywhere through the Notetonic Office Add-in pane to answer questions the educator posts live. Depending on the educator's Poll Everywhere account, the student may or may not need to login. In the case the student needs to sign up, the student can register for the class through the Open Polling link and go to the menu in the right corner of the pane and select the sign up/registration option.

Suppose students are taking notes on a lecture being given by a history professor. Any key events or concepts that the students note down, such as “tetrarchy”, would rapidly give a one-line refresher on what it means (i.e., “describes any form of government where power is divided among four individuals”) and shows a quick image to ignite your visual memory. Studies have shown that the use of visuals increase learning outcomes. These contents are provided by the instructor and will only appear according to what class you are enrolled in.

As students take notes during class, they can indicate in real-time, directly to you, which concepts they didn’t understand. This is a powerful tool as most students don’t raise their hand in class to ask questions. Students learn much more by self-assessment which makes this a dream come true for educators. The DOMP (Digital One Minute Paper) allows educators to get feedback with analytics by having students write about what they did or did not understand.

Additionally, students can click into each concept and answer questions and do further reading to build concept-specific skills. Notetonic uniquely integrates AI-based note-taking and digitally interactive content into one Office add-in.

*Note: Internet Explorer on Windows 7 is not compatible with this add-in.

If you’re a teacher, professor, or content publisher/provider, contact to get your content into Notetonic.

Add-in capabilities
When this add-in is used, it
  • Can read and make changes to your document
  • Can send data over the Internet