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Learn your coworkers’ name and fun facts through flashcards and quizzes.

MetKnow turns your coworkers into flashcards and quizzes, so you can study and test yourself on how well you know them. Tired of bumping into the same people at the office and not knowing their name? We were too, which is why we created MetKnow. Study up! Your next interaction depends on it.


MetKnow provides a variety of benefits starting with helping co-workers get to know each other. To build a friendship you need to know a few things about someone, beginning with their name.

MetKnow reduces turnover in new employees by helping them get to know their new co-workers. When they do get to know everyone, they feel more at home while at work and therefore are less likely to leave.

MetKnow creates a more productive workplace. When co-workers are engaging with each other they are sharing ideas and tips. Offices become much more productive with inter-employee collaboration.

Managers can build trust and loyalty among their team. Employees tend to feel underappreciated, but if you have a manager who knows your name and cares about your interests, you are more likely to work hard and take pride in your job.

MetKnows patented Flashcards (No. 9,330,164) are the most effective way to learn something new, including names, because they engage your brain in 3 ways:

Active Recall:

Staring at the front of a flashcard engages active recall. This is an attempt

to remember the answer rather than staring at it on a sheet. Active recall has been

proven to create stronger neuron connections for that memory trace. And because

flashcards can so easily facilitate repetition, they are the best way to create multiple

memory-enhancing recall events.

Flashcards utilize metacognitive faculties:

When you reveal the answer side of a flashcard to assess your correctness, you are asking yourself “How did my answer

compare to this correct answer?” and “How well did I know (or not know) it?” This act of

self-reflection is known as metacognition. Research shows that applying metacognition

tends to ingrain memories deeper into your knowledge.

Confidence-based repetition:

Because flashcards exist loosely, rather than tied to a

book or document, you are able to separate them into piles based on you need to study

them again. This practice of confidence-based repetition is proven by decades of

research to be the most scientifically optimized way to improve memory performance.

These make MetKnow the perfect tool for learning about your co-workers and the benefits listed above payback dividends when you see that everyone in your office has become friends.

MetKnow is a patented platform (Patent No. 9,330,164) owned by MetKnow Inc.

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