FREE, full-featured recognition platform. Strengthen teams & culture.

Preciate is the new way to give recognition at work. Free to use forever.

Grow relationships and showcase your best with the most insightful recognition platform available at any price. Build positive company culture by building real relationship strength. Recognize your teammates in the place where work happens and build your company portraits for the world to see. Increase employee engagement and interaction through positive recognition. Add company core value stickers to any recognition and celebrate employees living your company values.


  • Use the Preciate Bot to initiate recognition directly in a channel.
  • Use our robust Creator tab to give in-the-moment recognition using badges, stickers, pictures, and signature drawings.
  • Recognition on Preciate knows no boundaries. Works seamlessly with customers, contractors, and partners.
  • See all company activity on a live feed using the Preciate Connector. Add likes and stickers to any recognition.
  • Showcase your positive company culture to the world on your free, web-based company Portrait. Each Preciate member gets a personalized Portrait, too.

Additional Information:

  • Powered by Purpose. Preciate is a B-Corp (public benefit corporation). Our mission to help people grow deeper, stronger relationships, which are the most important contributor to happiness at work and elsewhere.
  • Premium features and reports are available for enterprises at a modest additional cost.
  • Sign up for our free web and mobile apps at

Industries Using Preciate: Services, Engineering, Financial, Construction, Manufacturing, Information Technology, Education, Consulting, Law, Accounting, Health Care, Retail, Entertainment, Restaurants, Hospitality, Consumer, Media, Fashion and Apparel, Transportation, Government, and Real Estate.

Use Cases for Preciate Data and Analytics:

  • Assess effectiveness of company culture initiatives.
  • Analyze employee engagement by geography, department, and demographic.
  • Learn when and where company core values are supported and growing.
  • Compare employee recognition given and received to retention and performance.
  • Improve recruiting effectiveness by showcasing a positive employer brand and emotional culture.
  • Provide real-time feedback to employees who need frequent feedback.
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