API Import

Import data from any API, file, or database table into Microsoft Excel 365. Try free for 14 days.

Extract data from an API or web service without ever leaving your spreadsheet using the function =FLEX(). is a platform that translates data stored in cloud services such as Wikipedia, Intercom and Quandl into simple lookup functions that anyone can use inside their spreadsheet.

Easily pull in data from APIs or remote CSV files or even other spreadsheets with built-in integrations. Or, go off-road and create your own functions with Python or Node.js and common libraries like request, pandas, beautifulsoup, lodash, axios and moment.

  • Instant Integrations. Get on-demand lists and enrichments from web services out-of-the-box. Enrich lead lists with services like Hunter, FullContact, and Crunchbase. Get custom lists of data from a CRM like Pipedrive and HubSpot. And many more.
  • Instant Table Extracts and Lookups. Pull in refreshable extracts and lookups from your own local data systems and databases. Easily snap together key value lookup functions from file stores like Dropbox, Box and Amazon S3. Broadcast data extracts to your end users from master files in Google Sheets, Postgres, or MySQL.
  • Roll your Own. Build your own custom spreadsheet functions with Python or Node.js. Go off-road and access just about API using your own code and then easily document your custom functions with YAML. Share and permission functions with your team without sharing your credentials.

(PLEASE NOTE: Some API integrations require that you first have an account with that cloud service provider. For example, to use the Dropbox integration, you'll need a Dropbox account).


Instead of using a traditional function like =SUM() to add up a column of numbers, you simply use the function =FLEX() to pull in data from remote data sources.

For example, here is a function that gets data from the enrichment service FullContact:


| |


=FLEX("team/fullcontact", A1, "full_name, twitter_url")

RETURNS new data to cells A2:A3

| | Bill Gates | |


Current out-of-the-box, integrations that do not require any coding include the following services: Amazon AWS S3, Box, Crunchbase, Currency Conversion, Dropbox, FullContact, GitHub, Google Drive, Google Sheets, Hacker News, HubSpot, Hunter, Intercom, MySQL, Pipedrive, Postgres, Product Hunt, Quandl, Sample Data from Faker, Shopify and Wikipedia, and many more. New nocode service and API integrations are being added all the time.

Don't see something you need? Just let us know and we'll do what we can to add it for you. For further information and support, please visit us at and we'll be happy to help!

Add-in capabilities
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  • Can read and make changes to your document
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