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Turn any API, file or database into an Excel lookup function for your team. Try free for 14 days. helps you share on-demand API enrichments, system lookups and data tables with your team directly in Excel. Almost all data ends up in a spreadsheet at some point; simply streamlines the process.

As a team admin, you can create lookup and extract functions in minutes from external files, databases and APIs. Or, you can add custom Python or JavaScript to go off road with custom logic. Using a built-in keychain, you can connect and share data sources without sharing credentials.

As a team member, offers direct access to data simply by installing the Excel add-in and signing in via your account. Your custom functions, granted by your admin, appear in the side panel and can be used immediately to gain access to refreshable data extracts or data enrichment VLOOKUPS. is a platform that acts as a proxy between external data sources and Excel. When an end user enters your function in Excel, receives the request, gathers the data, and routes it back to the spreadsheet. Almost instantly. features include:

  • Data Routing. Distribute data directly. translates your data and code into spreadsheet functions and help documentation for your team.
  • Instant Lookups. No code, no problem.'s enables just about anyone to create simple lookup and extract functions by simply connecting to a data table.
  • User Permissions. Build once, share widely. enables you to create teams, manage users, set permissions, and limit the functions you distribute to the add-in.
  • Credentials Management. Keep source data secure. provides a keychain to protect database credentials, OAuth tokens and API keys while sharing data with your team.

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Add-in capabilities
When this add-in is used, it
  • Can read and make changes to your document
  • Can send data over the Internet