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The project management tool that grows with you.

Zenkit helps you collaborate with your team. You can follow your projects through their entire lifecycle, from fluid brainstorming and research through to a structured system you can use to collaborate with anyone. Zenkit’s Microsoft Teams integration lets you access and edit your collections and items from within your Teams channels, helping you collaborate quickly and effectively.

You can integrate Zenkit into your Microsoft Teams and channels in the form of collection tabs and channel connectors, bringing structured project management to the place you communicate:

  • Manage Zenkit collections and items from your Teams.
  • View your Kanban, calendar, mind map, list, or table in a Teams tab
  • Create new items in any collection
  • Update item details, labels, assigned users and more
  • Comment on new Zenkit items from your Teams channels
  • Get notified about changes to items in any collection
  • Quickly find and share Zenkit items in your channel
  • Log in and out quickly with a bot command
  • Use Single Sign-On for Zenkit and your Microsoft Account

There are two key features of the Zenkit and Microsoft Teams integration:


Add any Zenkit collection as a tab in your Teams channel to see and work with your collection exactly as you would in Zenkit. Switch between Kanban, calendar, mind map, list, and table views. Apply filters and create custom saved views. Create, view, and edit items. You can even edit collection settings right from your channel tab!


Keep your team up to date with everything that’s going on in your Zenkit collections. Get notifications in your channel for new items, collection activities, item updates, or comments on items. Your team can quickly respond to changes and click to open the relevant item if needed.

You will need a Zenkit account in order to use this Teams integration. Please note that if you are collaborating with more than 5 people, you will need to upgrade your subscription. You may also need to purchase an upgrade to use some additional features. To learn more about Zenkit and register for a free account, visit

Learn more about Zenkit’s Microsoft Teams integration at

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