Azure AD Notifications

by Microsoft Corporation

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Intended for sending notifications to Azure AD users on behalf of Azure AD services.

Azure AD Notifications is intended to facilitate communication between Azure AD features & services and their customers. Install Azure AD Notifications bot in Microsoft Teams to enable receiving notifications from select features & services within Azure AD.

Get information about what’s happening in your Azure AD environment out of your e-mail inbox and into Teams! With Azure AD Notifications bot, communications from your Azure AD environment won’t get lost in your inbox and can be reviewed and acted on in a more streamlined way.

Examples of what kinds of notifications & alerts can be received with Azure AD Notifications include:

  • An Azure AD Application was disabled because of a security issue
  • A user was permanently assigned a new directory role
  • You have a pending review of a user’s access to a particular resource

BE ADVISED: Azure AD Notifications bot is an enterprise app that requires some configuration by your administrator. Azure AD Notifications only supports select Azure AD features & services, and your Azure AD tenant may require some configuration by your administrator in order to enable those features & services. Azure AD Notifications does not provide a self-registration mechanism for new users to receive these notifications.

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