ThoughtRiver – Automated Contract Review

by ThoughtRiver Limited

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AI that reviews legal contracts and tells you what you need to fix before signing.

ThoughtRiver addresses a fundamental problem in contracting: you simply don’t know which part of a contract to focus on without reading it all. This causes a huge amount of wasted reading time for lawyers, contract managers, sales, and procurement professionals alike. Our contract acceleration technology automates this review process by reading the contract, answering key questions and suggesting what to do next by creating an issues list to work through.

This works by deploying a sophisticated machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) engine which understands the contract at the sentence level.

Our AI then asks and answers thousands of individual questions of that contract to build a detailed picture of the obligations and rights within it.

These answers are then compared against policies to produce a list of potential issues that need to be resolved. Most commercial agreements are reviewed within minutes.

The benefits of this product are felt not only by the lawyers, contract managers, and paralegals who are now able to review contracts faster and more safely, but also by the sales and procurement teams who are now able to sign more deals.

Users must have an active free trial or a paid subscription with ThoughtRiver to be able to login to the Word add-in and use all features. To discuss pricing for a paid subscription please contact us at

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  • Can read and make changes to your document
  • Can send data over the Internet

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