Stack Overflow for Teams: Integration for Microsoft Teams

by Stack Overflow

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Discover knowledge and capture solutions for future use within your current workstream.

Stack Overflow for Teams is a knowledge sharing and collaboration platform that technologists already trust. The central source of knowledge enables team members to find and share information when they need it and avoid searching multiple locations like email, chat and wikis. By capturing knowledge for future reuse, team members with the answers can avoid spending time answering the same questions over and over again. To learn more about Stack Overflow for Teams, visit

The Stack Overflow for Teams integration with Microsoft Teams helps to enhance the business communication application through quick access to solutions, knowledge retention for future reuse, and awareness of new or updated information. The native Stack Overflow for Teams experience within your Microsoft Teams environment helps to reduce friction in the development process and minimize the need to switch between applications.

Stack Overflow for Teams integration features include:

Search for critical knowledge without leaving Microsoft Teams to minimize context switching.

  • Search and share verified knowledge from Stack Overflow for Teams using the messaging extension within the channel.
  • Search organizational knowledge within Stack Overflow for Teams using the channel bot action.
  • Preview the knowledge within the Microsoft Teams window through link unfurling.

Capture knowledge for reuse from within Microsoft Teams.

  • Convert a post within Microsoft Teams to a question within Stack Overflow for Teams using the messaging extension.
  • An ask modal will display within Microsoft Teams, helping to minimize the need to switch between applications.
  • Ask a question using the channel bot and receive the best matching result directly in the chat. Minimize team distractions by accessing existing knowledge, and if there are no answers to your question, receive a prompt to ask on Stack Overflow for Teams.

Enable employees to be more efficient by accessing pertinent knowledge from Stack Overflow for Teams within the new tab.

  • Reuse knowledge before distracting teammates by viewing Questions/Answers or Articles (Articles are available on Business and Enterprise plans only).
  • Knowledge can be filtered by tags so that it’s applicable to the channel.

Create an oasis of knowledge tailored to a user within a personal app.

  • Quickly access solutions to resolve issues or stay up-to-date with the latest knowledge that may be needed in the future.
  • Access important knowledge including your bookmarks, Questions/Answers, and Articles using the personal app.

Stay up-to-date through automated notifications of new or updated knowledge.

  • Set up tag-based push notification to share new Questions, Answers, Comments, and Articles directly a channel within Microsoft Teams.
  • Get a preview of new knowledge related to a tag without leaving Microsoft Teams.
  • Create new notifications or edit existing notifications quickly by interacting with the channel bot within Microsoft Teams.

NOTE: Requires Stack Overflow for Teams (SaaS offering). See

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