Google Analytics Insights

by FreevolutLTD

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Monitor your business 24x7 with real-time alerts and scheduled alerts for Google Analytics

GA Insights is the simplest way to integrate **Google Analytics**, **Google Ads**, **Google Search Console** and **Facebook Ads** into Microsoft Teams. Instantly get automated reports and alerts, sent directly to the channels you specify.

Choose from a set of pre-made templates with the most popular metrics or create your own reports and alerts from scratch.

Key Features:

- Supports every metric and dimension inside Google Analytics including segments, dimensions, custom metrics, e-commerce, publishing metrics, goals, Google Ads & Google Search Console integrations.

- New! Get Facebook Ads reports and alerts in Microsoft Teams as well.

- Track position changes based on your SEO progress with Google Search Console.

- Get alerts when search terms change position.

- Integrate your Google Ad campaigns. Send ad reports daily or weekly into your channel, manage your ad spend.

Basic reporting and alerting available on a free tier, with no credit card and no trial required.

You must have a Google Analytics account to use this product.

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