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Protect and authenticate sensitive or valuable data in Word documents using secure Countermark codes

A Countermark allows the reader of a document to verify its authenticity simply by scanning the Countermark with their smartphone. A Countermark can also be used to hide sensitive information on a document in a way that allows anyone to read the unrestricted content of a document, but only authorised individuals to access the sensitive data.

Countermarks are unique, impossible to counterfeit, yet can be printed on any paper using any printer. They are read using the free Countermark app, available for Android and iOS. The app gives immediate access to a secure website or an encrypted PDF file.

You can use a Countermark to:

  • Prove the validity of certificates.
  • Protect identities and other sensitive information in documents.
  • Track who is attempting to access the data in a document secured by a Countermark.

Use this add-in to create and insert one or more Countermarks into a document. Follow a simple process to create and insert the Countermark wherever you want it on the page - in the header or footer or in the body of the text.

How it works - creating the document:

1. Log into the secure Countermark system through the add-in.

2. Create a Countermark with one click, then drag and drop it into place in the document.

3. Associate the Countermark with a specific URL or PDF document.

4. Assign a reference to the Countermark if required.

How it works - reading the document:

1. Receive the document as a Word file, PDF or printed document.

2. Scan the Countermark using your Smartphone.

3. The website or PDF document associated with the Countermark is displayed, allowing you to authenticate the document, or to access sensitive information.

Other features of secure Countermark codes:

  • Validity can be time-limited, from 1 day to 19 years.
  • Available in four font types: Latin, Cyrillic, Katakana and Chinese.
  • The secure code can be scaled to the required size on the document.
  • Every scan of a Countermark is logged by user, device and location.
  • Each Countermark can use Ethereum to implement a Blockchain-backed document control system.

A Countermark comprises 32 characters, letters and numbers, that can be read by the human eye and by machine. It cannot be counterfeited. Countermark algorithms are protected by international patents.

Countermarks are a highly secure, easy to use solution to the problem of protecting documents and data, both in digital and printed form.

Use of this add-in requires a Countermark account. A free trial of Countermark technology is available from .

Configure your account for PDF or URL by following the FAQ "How do I configure the workflow for the Countermark Word Add-in?" at .

Learn more from .

App capabilities

When this app is used, it
  • Can read and make changes to your document
  • Can send data over the Internet

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