Dynatrace Davis Assistant

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Get answers for actionable insight into your Dynatrace monitored environment.

Dynatrace Davis Assistant is the conversational interface for Dynatrace that enables you to ask common performance-related questions and receive proactive notifications to gain actionable insight into your Dynatrace monitoring data through natural language responses and chart visualizations.

Ask Davis "What happened yesterday?" and receive detailed answers, such as:

"Yesterday, there were 33 problems that affected 5 applications and 23 services. EasyTravel was the most heavily affected application with 5 problems. The hypervisor was particularly troublesome, causing 2 problems. The greatest concentration of problems was around Wednesday, March 22nd at 11:45 AM."

Use Davis Assistant to help you with problem resolution. View your list of problems and get an overview of all open and closed problems that occurred during a specific time frame. Filter problems by application name and time frame. For root-cause analysis, drill down into individual problem detail pages.

Collaborate with team members more effectively by adding comments to your interactions in Teams that are synced with problem events in Dynatrace.

Get answers, not more data with the Davis Assistant morning report, which provides a summary of the most impactful and relevant insights into system health, performance, and user activity. Just ask Davis Assistant for your morning report to get started.

Find out about your users' experience and whether your users are satisfied or frustrated with your application or if any users were impacted by a specific problem. Ask Davis Assistant about the Apdex user experience rating of an application. Apdex is a metric that categorizes every session recorded with Dynatrace Real User Monitoring.

Davis Assistant offers convenient and quick access to many metrics tracked by the Dynatrace software intelligence platform. Gain insight into useful metrics, such as:

  • User Experience Rating
  • Response Time
  • User Activity
  • Availability
  • And more

Turn on notifications with Davis Assistant to receive updates of problems detected by Dynatrace in your environment as they occur. Apply filter tags for precise notification of services and applications that impact your team, so you can respond faster with actionable insight into the health of your system.

More Information

In order to use the app, users must have an active an active Dynatrace account. Learn more and get started with a 15-day free trial at dynatrace.com.

Learn more about Davis Assistant at https://www.dynatrace.com/platform/aiops/davis-assistant/.

Need support? Visit https://www.dynatrace.com/services-support/.

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