Time Off Manager Plus

by HR 365

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Time Off Manager Plus - Smart and efficient way to manage leaves / time off for the Employees

Time off Manager Plus is free, fully featured 14 days trial for one Microsoft 365 tenant. Time off Manager Plus is free up to 1 user forever. Microsoft 365 / Office 365 Time off Manager Plus is for unlimited users virtually*

Time off Manager Plus / Leave management System which is a highly configurable, can address any need of the organization be it small or large. It can also easily integrate with your Azure Active Directory / Microsoft 365 users in seconds. HR 365 Time off Manager Plus software does not require additional infrastructure, it works within your Microsoft 365 without any additional Microsoft licensing cost. This Office 365 leave management system gives the experience of latest UI and best leave management software experience.

Manage Leave requests

HR365’s Office 365 time off manager is an intuitive UI for managers & HR to manage leaves applied by employees. A multi-level approval feature makes sure all the managers and HR personals stationed in various places get email alerts for the pending leave applications. Organizations may have multiple centers across the country. In addition to having pre-configured holidays specific to particular states, HR also has the option to add, modify or delete holidays specific to their organization needs. The on-cloud solution offers the flexibility to set work week for a specific employee group and period.


• Calculate Leaves include weekend/ holiday control

• Create calendar invite in approver mail box

• Customized leave types

• Delegate approvals &

• Submit leaves on behalf of users

• Integrate leaves with outlook calendar

• Multiple roles

• Customize leave year ( Calendar year, fiscal year, etc.)

• Request four hour & two hour leaves

• Work week pattern setup for each employee.

• Add Comp Off policy and avail comp Off policy setup

• Comp Off Approval

• History of Comp Off taken

• Single level and two-level approval based on selection of approval levels

• Holiday list setup

Detailed leave reports:

• You can generate detailed reports with information such as:

• History of leaves taken

• Eligible leave types allocated for different employee groups

• Eligible leaves already taken by employees

• Your company’s unique leave structure can be configured and stored with special options such as leave accrual or encashment, prefix, suffix or pro-rata leave allocation. Employees can now be sure of the company’s leave policy through this system and can monitor and request the leave they are allocated.


• Custom fields for specific needs.

• Any other customization – please mail at ist(at)

Mobile access

Access HR365’s Office 365 leave management / Office 365 time off manager plus on cloud anywhere, anytime either via your mobile, laptop or personal computer. You can also be rest assured that your employee information is secure and confidential.

Free forever upto 3 users and please visit our website to buy for users upto 999 -

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Prerequisites: Add-in permissions should be set to allow the add-in to read the host data.

Recommended browsers: Edge based on Chromium, Google Chrome, Safari & Firefox.

This add-in does not support Internet Explorer

Language(s): English

* 999 users

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