KUDO Meetings

KUDO, Inc.

KUDO enables businesses to communicate globally in multiple languages.

KUDO is a cloud-based Language-as-a-Service video conferencing platform with "live simultaneous translation in multiple languages". Powered by professional human interpreters and assisted by AI, we facilitate business communication between clients, partners, and employees in the language of their choice.

Until 2019, there was no turnkey solution for online multilingual meetings! The miscommunication in business, resulting from not being able to express yourself competently in a foreign language, will likely lead to lost opportunity and money. The traditional multilingual meetings require travel, logistics overhead.

KUDO eliminates language barrier by allowing attendees and interpreters to connect remotely from anywhere, using web or mobile, through a state-of-the-art cloud-based multilingual platform. Participants can join multilingual meetings online, cast votes, ask questions, and view shared documents from a single, easy-to-use interface.

KUDO can also be used for on-site multilingual conferences, where attendees use their mobile phones as translation receivers. We make it affordable for people and businesses to participate in meetings anywhere in the world, effectively and professionally.

The economic impact is substantial:

  • Travel expenses
  • Equipment rental
  • Logistical coordination
  • Language availability

KUDO spent two years of R&D to develop and leverage three underlying technologies that power the platform:

Read Time Communication

Using now widely adopted WebRTC stack, all communications are low-latency, end-to-end encrypted, and high-definition audio/video. Most importantly, we have reduced adoption friction by not requiring any software download.

Virtual Communication Switchboard

The core of KUDO lies in the logic created following ISO standards for simultaneous interpretation. We make it easy for interpreters to operate swiftly and with a minimal learning curve, leading to the participants’ optimal and seamless experience.

AI Assistance

We use AI to radically enhance “quality of service” for interpreters, assisting them with preparation before and during the meeting. For participants, we provide multilingual transcription, live captioning, translation, and analysis of the meeting. We use Cognitive and NLP services from Amazon, Google, and Microsoft to achieve some of these enhancements.

From within your Microsoft Teams Tab, you can join a multilingual meeting easily and effortlessly.

Limitation: Our platform works well on MS Edge but due to some technical limitation Screen Sharing feature doesn’t work. We are working to fix this issue in the upcoming platform release.

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