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Build apps on SharePoint in minutes with no code

Turn SharePoint into THE TOOL for business process automation and reporting.

Sintel Forms is an Add-in for SharePoint that makes it easy for you to configure mobile-ready responsive forms containing rich functionality. Forms can be designed quickly using a drag & drop interface and its built-in Workflow and Logic enable you to automate business processes in a matter of minutes. If you currently have manual processes, paper-based forms or indeed if you use InfoPath, you will find that Sintel Forms can significantly reduce costs and improve efficiency in your organisation. Sintel Forms is also compatible with our other Add-ins including Sintel BI and Sintel Forms Hub.

Available for both Microsoft 365 and SharePoint On-Prem.

New features are released every month!

Last release August 1st 2022 including 10 updates:

  • Improvements to workflow configuration interface
  • Caching of form settings to improve loading speed
  • Lazy-loading of optional form components to improve loading speed
  • New HTML widget to enable designers to add HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Improvements to existing button widget to speed up form design
  • New copy fields option to speed up form design
  • Improvements to tabbed section navigation
  • Improvements to attachments panel
  • Improvements to rules to allow the selection of groups when checking group memberships
  • Formula now mandatory for calculated fields

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Sintel Forms provides:

  • Multi-geographic region support
  • Customisable layouts
  • Built in Workflow and Logic
  • Form Theming
  • Form Conversations
  • Attachment previews & image annotation
  • Offline forms using our companion apps for iOS and Android


  • Built on SharePoint
  • No coding skills required
  • Implement forms with workflows in minutes
  • Available for Microsoft 365 or SharePoint On-Prem
  • Fully documented online help with articles and training videos

How to Install Sintel Forms for Microsoft 365:

How to Install Sintel Forms for SharePoint On-Prem:

Once you have added the product to your SharePoint Tenant or On-Prem environment you can choose to get started with a 14-day no-obligation trial (containing all features) or simply use the Lite version which is free (limited to 2 forms).

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