QEDIT for Spreadsheets

by QEDIT Systems Ltd.

What if you could compare sensitive lists with others and find matches?

With QEDIT for Spreadsheets, you can compare your spreadsheets with others and reveal overlapping cell data or determine the total number of matching cells without revealing your data to anyone (including QEDIT).

QEDIT for Spreadsheet enables businesses to:

Identify overlapping customers

Spot blacklisted suppliers and customers

Verify information against confidential HR records

Discover duplicate claims

Eliminate double-spending

And more...

QEDIT for Spreadsheets uses advanced privacy-enhancing technology to identify duplicate cells across spreadsheets while keeping your data secure and private.

Key Features

Work within the familiar user interface of Excel

Free signup

Find matches in other people’s spreadsheets in seconds

The raw data in your spreadsheets is never shared with anyone (including QEDIT)

Choose whether to reveal the overlapping cell data or only show the total number of matching cells

Support for multiple group participants (up to 10)

Note: QEDIT for Spreadsheets requires registering for a free QEDIT account

QEDIT is a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer and recognized leader in the field of data privacy. Founded by a world-class team of entrepreneurs, researchers, and developers, QEDIT boasts a staff of esteemed cryptographic scholars and is a partner of industry leaders such as Samsung SDS, Deloitte, Ant Financial, and VMware. To learn more about QEDIT’s privacy-enhancing technology and how it can help you unlock valuable data in your ecosystem, visit

App capabilities

When this app is used, it
  • Can read and make changes to your document
  • Can send data over the Internet

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