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Canny Notifications for Microsoft Teams

Track feedback to build better products.

Canny lets you capture feedback in one organized place to inform your product decisions. A Canny feedback board is a place where your users can post, comment, and vote on ideas for a specific topic. Common topics include Feature Requests, Bug Reports, and a Backlog. You're also able to create private boards that are only visible for internal admins.

With our Microsoft Teams app, your team can receive instant notifications when certain activities occur in your feedback boards. You can pick and choose from our available activity types on a per board basis. This gives you complete control over which notifications your team can see and which Teams Channels they appear in.

Below are our currently available notification types.

New Posts: When a user creates a new post in a feedback board you'll see the post title, a summary of the details, who created it, and a link to it.

New Comments: When a user comments on a post you'll see a summary of their comment, the post details, and current vote and comment counts. If the user who commented is an internal admin, the comment will be marked as such.

New Votes: When a user votes on a post you'll see the user's name and a summary of the post details like above.

Vote Milestones: When a post reaches important milestone achievements like 10, 20, or 50 votes, you'll be notified.

Status Changes: When an admin changes a post's status you'll be notified. Post statuses include Open, Under Review, Planned, In Progress, Complete, and Closed.

New Changelog Entries: When an admin publishes a new changelog entry you'll see the changelog title, a summary of the details, and a link to it.

Canny will grow in functionality with more collaborative features such as the ability to create posts within a Teams Tab.

This app requires a paid Canny account. A 14 day free trial is available.

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