Mapwize for Teams


Mapwize is the solution to create and access indoor maps of your facilities.

With the Mapwize for Microsoft Teams App, you can have access to the indoor maps of your facilities directly from within Microsoft Teams, as a dedicated tab. Search for meeting rooms, equipments or colleagues, and get detailed directions on how to get there quickly.

Maps can be modified in real-time to reflect changes in your buildings. In particular, you can use Mapwize to communicate the sanitary measures regarding COVID-19 like restricted areas, unusable desks, required distancing, circulation directions, and so on.

New colleagues can now quickly get familiar with your facilities and be more autonomous going where they need to without loosing time.

When opening the Mapwize tab, you'll see a world map with your corporate locations. Simply click on one and the map will zoom in to reveal its detailed indoor maps. You'll be able to browse the map floor by floor. With the search engine, you'll be able to search for any point of interest in your buildings, like meeting rooms, facilities, services or equipments. The content that you will see depends on the content defined by your facility management department and your permission level.

When you have displayed the place you would like to go to, you can use the Direction function to compute the optimal path to get there. Simply set your origin using the search engine or clicking on the map and it will show the step-by-step direction across the multiple floors. Multiple routing modes are available, including for people with disabilities.

The solution is suitable for all type of campuses, buildings and industries like offices, industrial sites, data centers or logistic facilities.

Your offices are not mapped yet? Existing blueprints can quickly be imported in Mapwize. Please visit to know more.

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