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SharePoint Knowledge Base provides a centralized, searchable, and secure SharePoint knowledge manage

Knowledge Base provides a centralized interactive and secured SharePoint knowledge management system that can be set up in minutes.

End-User Friendly

Enable your teams to become more self-sufficient, increasing efficiency and saving time with the SharePoint knowledge management tool.

• Open article(s) in new windows or tabs

• Work with easy-to-use interfaces, including sortable tables, search filters, “favorite” and “pinned” articles

• Articles can be tagged with keywords and assigned to categories

• Users have a personal “favorite” articles section for documents they need to access frequently

• Enable your teams to find what they need faster and cut back on admin requests and training

Great for Content Managers & Creators

Knowledge Managers can easily learn how to build a knowledge base and speed up information processing

• Quickly manage content through easy-to-find articles views

• Organize knowledge articles using custom categories and tags that become instantly searchable

• Update and edit content with easy-to-use editors that you can seamlessly share with Microsoft Word or the web

• Export data to excel using “export to excel” button in the admin manage sections

Enhanced Search Reporting

Learn how to build a knowledge base in SharePoint and monitor its activity through an easy-to-use reporting system!

• View what information/articles your members are searching for

• On every search made by a user, you can see the results they received from their search

• Click-through rate on what is chosen as a result of the search is also available, to help content managers optimize their content based on user base need trends

Rich Analytics Reports

Review the state of all the articles in your knowledge base with an intuitive and visual analytics reporting system

• Pie charts and bar graphs automatically generated based on the content of your Knowledge Base

• Legends can be used to quickly filter what items you want to see

• A quick view of the questions in your Knowledge Base and their status can help a content manager quickly address any outstanding questions or identify which questions are still pending a supporting article

Capture Topics Directly From End-Users

Building a knowledge base in SharePoint allows you to directly gain insight into the content needed by your users.

• Allow end-users to ask questions directly

• Answer user questions directly, sending automatic notifications

• Mark questions as “Needs Article”, dropping them into an action bucket for your knowledge content creators

• Allow users to browse and search through questions in the same way as knowledge base articles

Manage Users Easily & Secure Content

Knowledge management and SharePoint have made it simple to create a two-group security model, which makes granting access a snap!

• Use SharePoint out-of-the-box user groups to designate users as “Knowledgebase Content Admins” or “Knowledgebase Viewers”

• Only users in these groups have access to your content

Integration With List Bulk Import

Our Knowledge Base integrates directly with another Bamboo Services Product, List Bulk Import

• List Bulk Import quickly imports list information from one location to another with ease

• Integrated with Knowledge Base, List Bulk Import transfers PDF documents and uploads them in the Knowledge Base as HTML articles

• These two products in tandem provide a seamless environment for information storing and sharing

Perpetual Domain Level Pricing

- Perpetual one time license pricing, with no user limitations, ensures the product will add value for years to come with no complicated subscriptions

- Installation can be at domain level or targeted to specific site collections

- Download provides 30 day free trial

- Perpetual license one time purchase USD$9,338.10


• License includes 1st year product enhancements and phone/ticket system support (8am 5pm Eastern US)

• Product supports both SharePoint Modern sites

• Works with SharePoint Online (365)

• Works on Gov Cloud installations

• Optional 2nd year maintenance available at 22% of license price, billed on anniversary of purchase.

• For companies over 2,000 employees, an additional Enterprise Support Plan cost will be added only once to your account, regardless of the number of

products owned, and, in subsequent years, to the total yearly software maintenance and support cost for an account.

• [Bamboo Support Plan](

To ensure a successful product download, please make sure you have the correct permissions to your tenant app catalog. If you try to download the product and receive a page message stating “The App Catalog couldn’t be created” you likely do not have the correct permissions to your site. Try accessing your app catalog; the URL should be in a format like, You will need at least contribute access to this location in order for the product download to work. If you cannot locate or cannot access your tenant app catalog, your SharePoint Administrator should be able to give you access.

About Bamboo

Back in 2001, our company name was inspired by the bamboo plant — strong, flexible and easily adapted for a variety of global solutions. Today, by adding the consulting services of SharePointXperts to the Bamboo family, we have become a global-leading provider of enterprise-class software applications and consulting services designed to extend the native capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365. So far, over 8,000 organizations worldwide have chosen to enhance their SharePoint deployment with products, solutions and services from Bamboo.

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