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The ultimate productivity app to search applications, manage tasks, and more.

About Yellow Messenger

Yellow Messenger is one of the world's largest conversational AI platforms to help you automate customer and employee experience through chatbots at scale.


Today, employees waste a lot of time doing repetitive tasks like managing meetings, getting a daily briefing and searching for documents, etc. These are tasks that can be easily automated, thus saving time and improving the productivity of millions of employees around the world. Imagine if you had a personal assistant that would automatically perform these time-consuming but menial tasks for you. That is why we created Bumblebee.


Bumblebee by Yellow Messenger is a productivity super app that acts as a virtual assistant for each employee - helping you search through files, manage tasks, view meetings and learn about your colleagues all from a single place. You talk to Bumblebee, and Bumblebee will talk to the app/service needed to complete your goal. Bumblebee can help you - Organize your tasks and meetings on outlook calendar - Search for policy documents and sites across SharePoint - Search content within files and folders on onedrive - Obtain info about your coworkers and know whom to reach out for what - Search Wikipedia for publicly available information


Bumblebee is currently available as an MS Teams app out of the box. Additionally, it can also be customized for your organisation and extended to other use cases like leave management, payroll and benefits, employee engagement, onboarding, and recruitment automation, etc., where it can be integrated with common HRMS, ITSM, and other enterprise applications. To schedule a demo, click here.

Coming Soon

Up next, we will be making Bumblebee even stronger by adding more integrations and support for applications like JIRA, ServiceNow, Confluence, etc. making it the single stop-shop for getting any kind of information.


The default trial version is available on MS Teams, for an on-prem version, please feel free to contact us.

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