i CRM for Outlook


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i CRM for Outlook is a flexible and robust CRM solution that works directly inside Outlook.

i CRM for Outlook is a cloud-based CRM that displays inside of Outlook inbox on in any browser and on MOBILE VIA the Outlook Mobile App. This flexible and easy to use tool can be deployed with virtually nothing to install.

Outlook Integration Details

- Provides a 360-degree view of CRM information from Your Inbox

- File a message in iCRM from Outlook

- Automatically associates emails to a contact or lead

- View, create and edit accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities, cases and more from Gmail

- Reply or Compose messages using email templates (even on Mobile)

- Optionally automatically copy emails and attachments to iCRM

- Create rules for which emails get automatically synchronized

- View and dial numbers on your mobile phone using details from iCRM

Outlook Calendar Integration Details

- Automatically synchronize calendar items from Outlook to iCRM

- Automatically links calendar items with CRM Contacts or Leads

- Create rules for which calendar items get synchronized (coming soon)

Full Featured CRM Details

- Lead Management - Create and track leads

- Opportunity / Pipeline Management - Analyze sales trends, project revenue over any period of time, and better manage the entire sales cycle.

- Account / Contact Management - Capture and share client and contact information.

- Track Activities - Track and log all points of customer interaction such as sales calls, emails, meetings